Highway Gothic
Greene Country Towne
Debut CD



                Greene Country Towne

              (a Post-Ironic Americana Opera)

Cover design by Jodi Samsel



Greene Country Towne (a reference to William Pennís lofty vision for Philadelphia) was recorded during the winter of 2005 -2006 at Mars Digital Audio by DSR's own Mike Simmons, and once again features contributions from the bandís three songwriters. The result is a collection of original songs that is varied yet cohesive, with its themes of heartbreak, isolation, disappointment, and the promise of redemption on the American road. The instrumentation, still centered around the twang of the guitar, is more layered and sophisticated than on the band's debut, while remaining true to its Americana roots.  Guest vocals, pedal steel, and keyboards round out the sound. 

Americana UK's Paul Kerr had this to say when he got his preview copy:

"Hot on the heels of their debut album, Philadelphia rockers DeSoto Rust release their second album.  Set firmly in the tradition of American blue collar and rural stories the band have come up with a set of hook-laden stories that will nag at you long after listening.  Taking the traditions of The Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and contemporaries like the Drive By Truckers there is vitality to their writing, with strong vocals and a muscular guitar-based sound."

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The tunes:    
1. Day Like No Other Day Lyrics Sample MP3
2. Backyard Lyrics Sample MP3
3. Dark at Five Lyrics Sample MP3
4. One Step Lyrics Sample MP3
5. Far Side of Town Lyrics Sample MP3
6. Easytown Lyrics Sample MP3
7. Nice Enough Gal Lyrics Sample MP3
8. Headin' Down to Georgia Lyrics Sample MP3
9. I'm Goin' Home Lyrics Sample MP3
10. Last Time You Fell in Love Lyrics Sample MP3
11. Swept in it Again Lyrics Sample MP3
12. John Young Lyrics Sample MP3